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Fundamentals of Gamification: Course content

We start by learning the fundamental ingredients of games, from tic-tac-toe to tennis to Super Mario.

  • Anatomy of a game

Then, we jump into the step-by-step process:

  • Analyzing your content to reveal the underlying game
  • Designing the basic gameplay loop
  • Criteria for a successful challenge
    Building a level template
  • Range of outcomes

Once the core game loop is built, we continue the step-by-step process:

  • Varying challenges
  • Setting the win condition
  • Handling player failure
  • Fostering player autonomy and building mastery
  • Intro to difficulty balancing

This week we fill your design toolbox with motivational mechanics, and you will learn when to use them for optimal effect. 

  • Intrinsic motivation vs Extrinsic rewards
  • Content gating
  • Points
  • Powerup types
  • Collections
  • Effective badge systems
  • Bonus missions
  • Shaping behavior through a motivational system
  • Setting up a rewards system

This week is all about making sure the player understands their goals and progress, and feel clever going through your training game.

  • Playtesting
  • Fixing issues with difficulty
  • Communicating with the player
  • Signs and feedback
  • Effective tutorials
  • Theme and player fantasy

Once you’ve been through the process, you will unlock new tools to best match your content:

  • Complex game types
  • Skillbuilding
  • Multiplayer mechanics