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Gamification without the gimmicks.

In this training:

  • Why most gamification fails to create engagement AND results
  • The secrets game designers use to teach players without their noticing 
  • The 3 essential mindset shifts that will boost your training results
  • The easy way to get buy-in for innovative e-learning  

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Hi, I’m Marie-Jo.

I’m known for my curiosity, no-nonsense attitude and passion for trivia (ask me about my Jeopardy journey!).

I spent 10 years as an L&D professional, and 10 more as a videogame producer working with Marvel, Disney, Sega and Ubisoft.

That’s where I had my aha moment. I saw first hand how effortlessly games help players build skills, and give them memorable moments they talk about for years. 

Games are great teachers. They give players memorable challenges that build skills effortlessly.

I’ve developed gamified training programs in the fields of medical education, manufacturing, HR, transportation, and many more. Throughout this journey, I taught college-level game design and for the past 8 years I’ve been showing L&D professionals how to gamify their courses

And I’ve learned something from every person I’ve taught.

I’m very excited to share this with you. I can’t wait to see what you build!

Thanks for joining. Let’s do this!

"For anyone unsure let me simply say... you would be hard pressed to find a better, simpler, and yet completely comprehensive and elegant way to learn gamification techniques."

– Jennifer, instructional design specialist